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My Experience in Learning Japanese

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Back in 2015 when I transferred my work to another company which offers foreign clients a competitive career, the momentum in learning another language kicks in.  Because I want to work during day shift time I use Japanese language as an opportunity to work with clients which caters for Japanese projects.

I was given a chance to study Japanese while working.  I studied  Nihongo at Nihongo Center Foundation which is located in 3rd F, Dominion Bldg, 833 A. Arnaiz Ave, Makati City.   They offer holistic approach in teaching Nihongo from Basic levels 1-3 to Advance Conversation.  I learned a lot from my first day of class.  Though I have to admit that memorizing every lesson is a bit of a challenge.  I find it very interesting because they teach not only about the language but also the culture food and a lot more interesting topics about Japan.

Please see below steps in order to join a class. For more information you may contact the number: 735-3005 / 735-3179 | email:  and



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