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Wonders of Osaka

Wonders of OsakaI bought a one way ticket going to OSAKA. They told me that that’s the place where we can see the Osaka Castle and many other places like Universal Studio. So I jump up my feet head to the train station.  Because I dont speak much Japanese at that time I went to the information booth and asked for the platform going to Osaka.  I was greeted warmly and given proper instruction how to get the correct platform.  I got on the train and it took me 1 hour to travel.  Continue…

Instant Friend

Instant FriendWe headed to the train station and traveled for almost 30minutes to Nagoya terminal. While we were at the train I noticed that many of the passengers doesn’t talk to each other. Most of them are silent, contrary to the custom in the Philippines.  People are so serious and not smiling at all.  I tried to smile to one lady and I was bluntly asked why I was smiling at her.  I thought it will be good way but it became a rude judgment.  So I just kept myself away from that lady and talked to my friend until we reached the Nagoya terminal. continue…

My Taiwan Travel

Doy & JoyceTaiwan is a small island with modern cities to explore. There are a lot of hot spring resorts and wonderful mountainous terrains.  Me and my wife have had our fair share of our wonderful trip.

In booking a Trip: We booked thru Cebupacific which gives a pretty much cheaper price on most of our flights.  When you travel on budget this is the best way you can save on a short flights and splurge from other parts. continue reading…

Hundred Island: Summer Must Have

Never get bored coming back again and again in this highly-recommended tourist destination in the North of the Philippines, the Hundred Island in Alaminos, Pangasinan.

Hundred Island is one of the tourist destination that really captivate everyone’s heart from the natural habitat and the magnificent creation.  continue reading…

Davao Oriental Hidden Treasure

Aliwagwag FallsAmongst the Philippine Archipelago, there were just about few of the marvelous tourist spots I love to go and conquer.   I think this one is amazing scenic spot I would recommend to those who want to explore.  Introducing, the Aliwagwag Waterfalls in Davao Oriental. continue reading

Fortune Island: Quick Getaway

Fortune Island Essen VicenteOne of the best things about being single and having many friends, is that I’m always the designated “kaladkarin friend” – the person you can ask any time, any day, to join a trip to anywhere and they’ll be like: “Let’s go!”This is how I found myself in Fortune Island one weekend, tagging along a whole team of people I had just met on the day, who easily became my friends afterwards. A couple things I must note before I start dishing out the details of this trip … continue reading.


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