A lot of Filipino people are emerging into linguists due to its diverse culture.  In the Philippines, Spanish is the nearest medium of speech to learn because of the Spanish influence during the 300 years of colonization. The Spanish culture has a huge part in the Philippines language today.

Most of the Tagalog words came from Spanish origin that we often disregarded we are already speaking the language in our daily conversation.  The words like, zapato, lamesa, tinidor, kutsara are few words that we often use or say  came from Spanish teachings.

Through the years of learning I develop these principles that helps me maintain the language today.

  1. Create a Language as daily lifestyle – language became dead when it is not used.  After few years of learning, I worked for a company that provides multilingual support to talk to out sourced clients.  Aside from they pay high,  this helped me speak to various Spanish accents in Latin countries and engage the language on my daily lifestyle.
  2. Technology makes a difference – due to the advent of technology it became easier for us to enhance our capability thru the use of internet.  Do not deprived yourself in searching for materials in the internet that would help increase your knowledge.
  3.  Make friends – intuitively express your thoughts thru talking or chatting with friends who speaks the same language.  You can find new friends using different platforms in the internet such as facebook and other social media.  When I was starting, I used this site: https://mylanguageexchange.com/Pen-pals/Language/Spanish.asp
  4.  Mistakes are your next step to perfect the language – mistakes are often seen as the barrier in learning language, during my class learning years I often make mistakes in grammars and intonation which is obvious to our native teachers.  They always correct me and they appreciate you when you learn out of it.
  5.  You are the best speaker to those who do not know – learning a language involves a strategy.  When you motivate yourself with the positive outlook that you know better than those who don’t its easier for you to convince yourself to learn and thirst for more.

Learning never stops, it does n’t end.  Up until now, I consider myself as a student on a higher degree of learning.   Now, I develop this idea of sharing this to my 9-months old baby.  I learned that during the first 1000 days of babies, they develop a faster range of learning and high capacity of memory.



Language for Babies

I am marveled how the babies would be able to adapt to the language learning as they mimic the sounds of the each language.   Well, it might be to exciting for me but having the knowledge in Spanish and Japanese would really help me to getstarted.


The Benefits of Being Bilingual

Why should you encourage your child to study a second language? Researchers have found the following:

  • Children who study languages are more imaginative, better with abstract ideas, and more flexible in their thinking.
  • They have a greater sensitivity to language and a better ear for listening.
  • Studying a foreign language improves a child’s understanding of his own native language.
  • It opens the door to other cultures and helps the child understand and appreciate people from other countries.
  • It can help him feel connected to his own heritage.
  • It’s a lot of fun!  **1


Why learn Spanish?

by:  Warrior Traveller

Spanish is one of the great European languages, rich in heritage from more than nine centuries of existence. The Spanish language comes from the region of Spain we call Castile. A language of great literature. The first novel in the modern sense was written in Spanish by Miguel de Cervantes.

Don Quixote, the ‘enthusiastic visionary’ had adventures that have even become part of the English language. The word ‘quixotic’ describes someone with an odd, eccentric or utterly regardless of interests attitude. Hmmm, sounds like someone I know!😀

Spanish is also the language of great poets. Many Nobel Prize winners in both the sciences & in literature are Spanish speaking.

Christopher Columbus & other Spanish explorers came to the ‘New World’ & Spanish became the language of all peoples from Florida to Tierra del Fuego.

When you travel to places like Argentina, Bolivia, Chile, Peru, Colombia, Mexico, Cuba & many more! (All places I haven’t been to yet, but hey, they’re on my list.😝) All the people in these countries speak


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