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Papa Jack at your service!

Papa Jack is a volunteer of Parenting and Marriage Academy under Family Ministry of CCF.

He is also a full-service Financial Advisor providing with a best life insurance options available under Sun Life of Canada Philippines.

He also works as a bilingual consultant handling numerous clients for Latin America and Asia Pacific countries.

He loves to travel so you will find his travel tips in this page.

Find out more about Papa Jack all in one trade.

Papa Jack has helped a number of Filipino enhance their understanding of Financial Literacy.

Know your financial status, where you are right now and where you want to be.

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12 thoughts on “Home

    1. Wow your blog looks great! Keep it up! The last time i found this kind of blog was in a magazine. Is there anyway you can make me as the editor of your blog also? Thanks – Bray

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  1. Hey Son, you are giving much of your time in this blog. Have a sane life outside! I just joking you. You know sometimes life is better when you find something to do outside your computer.

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  2. You have severely opened the minds of Filipino people! Your writing has enormously affected the mind and I congratulate you for doing this. I hope that you will find more people as I am one who makes the comment to support your website. More powers to your work! God Bless you!

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  3. You have made this site like a marketplace to talk about 4in1 site in all discussing Parenting, Investments, Learning Language, Travel and a lot more. Truly, this will make a great website. Keep writing buddy!

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