Every year is a new year to be thankful for. We celebrated new year with this traditional Tshirt uniform with the family.

Ohana means family.  Family means nobody gets left behind or forgotten.  This is a motto of cartoon tv show Lilo and Stich.  Like every family does, this would be our motto as we make every effort to make time with our families special occasion.  May it be a spiritual or biological family, we want to extend our hearts in remembering everyone in our prayers and supplications.

Ours is not different from others who celebrates new year in a Filipino traditional way.  We’ve got food, games and most specially we have this limited edition T shirt solely made for this occasion.  Traditionally, the shirt is being printed manually up until 12mid-night of every December 31st.  Maybe because it creates excitement for everyone to wear this uniform during the photo – op.  But yeah, being with this family for 3 years, I enjoyed keeping this tradition not because there is a free shirt sponsored by family members but it is being built by family ties and love for each other.  Dont get me wrong, our family is not rich.  Everyone live by their means.  But every new year, we celebrate and share money to make up the food for event.  Together we will keep this tradition always!  Cheers to another family gathering this year!