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“Entertain your guest and give a good atmosphere to your events. ” – Papa Jack

I started early on my career as events host during my High School & College years.  My position as the president of the Student Affairs gave me more engagement in student council programs and events.  Which then helped to me discover my niche and enhance my public speaking ability.

When I started working, I plunged to free events host for ministry gathering, weddings and birthday celebrations of few friends.  Now, my public speaking career has a new level of participating in big events like Corporate Hosting, bigtime weddings, and birthday celebrations.

When I got married, my hosting gig was even intensified because of my wife who engage in wedding coordinating and planning.  For your wedding and events and consultations, you can contact Beyond Wedding for more information.

Corporate Hosting

My first corporate hosting started as a contest gig that I joined during our company call for disk jockey back in 2015.  I was chosen as one of the winners of the event which landed me to host about 800 employees Christmas party event back in 2015.

SAP Concur Basic Training Host

Early this year, the SAP Concur conducted an MS Office training for third-party vendors as part of the advocacy of the Concur Social Responsibility organization which gave me the opportunity to host a corporate training and closing event.

MBT Training Host
MBT Training Host Photo by Mark Candido

Wedding Hostings

Provide a friendly and engaging service to create an exceptional experience for your wedding.

Archer and Goday Wedding
The Heritage Hotel Manila
September 4, 2018
A wonderful gift of love celebrated during the renewal of vows of Leigh and Gina Goday at Heritage Hotel Manila
A wonderful gift of love celebrated during the renewal of vows of Leigh and Gina Goday at Heritage Hotel Manila


Joenery and Thina Tamolang Wedding
Alexa's Secret Garden, Quezon City
January 2018</strong
Joenery & Thina Tamolang 
Paul and Tin Ramos 
Ibarra Garden
December 2017
Paul and Tin Ramos
Paul and Tin Ramos Wedding as I facilitate games.
Rebamba & Mariño Nuptial
Calamba, Laguna

Ryan Batalla Nuptial
Venue: Valentino Report & Spa
Lipa City, Batangas

Ectobañez & Manrique Nuptial
Daraga, Albay

Belgar & Lorica Nuptial
Legazpi City
Balazo & Binalla Nuptial
Quezon City
Balazo & Binalla Nuptial
Balazo & Binalla Nuptial, giving their exchange I dos.

Birthday Celebrations


Birthday Celebrations: 
Sugar Wee 7th Birthday Celebration


Andres Del Bario 1st Birthday

Naelyn 18th Birthday Celebration


Ministry Hosting:

Elevate Summit
PUP College
Elevate Summit 2012
Hosting Elevate Summit Seminar for College students in PUP St Mesa.
Hosting at PUP Sta Mesa
Another Session Co-hosting with Shermay San Pedro

Upcoming Hosting Event(s):

No Upcoming Event(s)


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