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Welcome to my site. We pay for more exciting things for you. We can teach you how language unites people, how language affects the views of the world, your way of thinking and connecting with others around the world. The most exciting thing is that we will provide lessons, tutorials, and videos to assist you.

Here we will teach you basic lessons on Spanish, Japanese, French, English and Tagalog language for free plus get a chance to connect with other ways to learn and enhance your options to look for business, jobs, and career you want.

But we want to know the reasons why you are learning this type of language. You know why? Because if you are not committed to learning any language you will not be able to learn. One of the reasons why language is so amazing it’s because of its charm and beauty is connected to love and devotion. What I am saying is, if you are not passionate to learn a certain language you will have a difficulty in understanding. Another character that will be honed in this learning is “patience”. Learning a language is kinda boring at first. But if you are determined to listen and practice you will be able to attain your goal.

So, I want you to answer this before you even browse and get involve with other lessons:

1. Why do you want to learn a certain language? This is a big question. Its associated with why you do what you do and how do you want to impact others on your learning process.

2. Where do you need to use this language? When I started learning the spanish language it was already easier for me because we have a little background from college. The reason I studied Spanish is that I want to seek scholarship in Spain back in 2009. Until the advent of call centers and BPO industry increased in the country that made me stay and not seek for outside the country opportunities.


To initialize your spanish geeky nature please sign up to this link and create your account.

Watch the video below and get started on your road to Spanish journey!


5 Principles to Learn Español

EspañolA lot of Filipino people are emerging into linguists due to its diverse culture.  In the Philippines, Spanish is the nearest medium of speech to learn because of the Spanish influence during the 300 years of colonization. The Spanish culture has a huge part in the Philippines language today.




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