Every single day we live is a precious moment we make for our loved ones.  Today as we create moments for our family I want to share with you how did I became a midwife for my laboring wife.  This is our story.

Isaac was considered overdue since he has passed 40-weeks in his regular full term.  The doctor had prescribed laxative on June 3, 2017, so that my wife would induce labor.  But coming at the end of the day the medicine did not work for her.  It created even fear because if the baby will not be out in the next 72 hours (after the laxative has been taken) it will be risky both for her and the baby.  The doctor said that it might create infection on the baby or the baby might ingest poop or unexpected problems might arise during the labor.  I prayed and I did not stop praying.   We went on our final check up and the doctor said that we will need to be admitted because she was not laboring despite the procedure that we did.

This is the day, that the Lord has made.

I felt an honest fear.  I do n’t know how to react.  I do n’t know if my christian faith was shaken.  I do n’t know what to say.  I felt numb and I felt tired.  We went to the hospital at 4 in the morning of June 5, 2017.  The doctor(OB- Gynecologist) told us that she will be induce to take the baby out because of the situation.  But in spite of that, here we were still hopeful for a normal baby delivery.  We followed a strict instructions from our Douala coach to do just the way she mentioned during our classes.  We went up the building using the stairs with our 2 big backpacks and a laboring wife.  She was in pain! I was in pain too(hehe) I felt the pain also.

We checked in the labor room at 5am.  We waited for the resident doctor to check on us, she did an internal examination to check the cervical dilation and effacement but the doctor said she was not laboring yet. We informed the OB gyne over the phone but they will be available in the afternoon of that day.  Here I was in the middle of the hospital with my laboring wife doing just about a “kumadrona”(midwife) effect in my feeling doctor lab gown.

Deuteronomy 31:6 Be strong and courageous.  Do not be afraid or terrified because of them, for the LORD your God goes with you; he will nevel leave you nor forsake you.

We did a lot of exercises from 5 in the morning but she was not laboring.  There were no signs of getting the baby out of her womb. Ughf! We went in and out of the labor room, we tried almost all of the movements we can to induce the labor and increase the dilation and effacement but still, she just got 4cm dilated at 10am.

We were praying while doing some exercise stopping when we feel some contractions. We did this all throughout the labor process.  When the doctors arrived in at 11am, she was then checked but the dilation increased only at 5cm.   My pregnant wife was getting frustrated(I can see from her eyes).  I took some videos for documentation but she did not like it(I guess its normal).  I will post some of the details next blog.

But yeah! After 12nn she felt so hungry because she did not eat breakfast because of the labor pains.  When she asked for food the resident doctor said that she cannot eat anything because it will give her difficulty during the labor.  When her doctor came back we asked if she could eat biscuits or chocolate; so then we were permitted.  But after an hour she vomited everything that she ate on the mattress.  The chocolate drink that she had was on the floor, the biscuits were in the bed.  It was too difficult because she vomited after a while contractions came in.  My strength was loosing at 3pm still we have a little sign of getting higher dilation.

I was on the verge of giving up.  I was crying inside while (contrasting my mood) smiling at my wife helping to count while hugging her during the labor pains.  It was absolutely unexplained feeling.  I was already casting out temptations not to give up.  I was asking the Lord to be so real at that very moment.  This was the time I cried like a baby inside.  The time was running out. It was 5pm in the afternoon.

When the doctor came back at 7pm she saw a light out of our very gloomy evening of our lives. The dilation increased to 7 then the effacement was positive.  Both heartbeats were ok and my wife still has some reserve energy to push.

At around 8pm at last, we were moved to the delivery room at last.  Passing through the 16 hours of exercise, vomiting, fear and hungry pregnant wife and mixed emotion.  But here, we came the most awaited part of the episode, The climax. This is it! I was perspiring cold.

The Climax

I worked with the doctors while in the delivery room. The most thing fulfilling ever happened to me, I was like a professional practitioner who knows it all guy who tries to educate my wife on the best exercise and boom here we go, I was a so-called midwife who tries to help and support my wife on the labor process.

Even the doctor was asking me, what’s the best position she could do(during our class discussion). hahaha! That was an epic question the doctor had ever blurted on her mouth (during the labor).  I mean because she supposed to be knowing everything but I guess not.  We are in the delivery room.  But I think it was to prove that we learned something, I told her that we can do the squat position during the labor.  We tried using the high chair device, we tried to let her lean on the wall etc.

There were 3 doctors plus me(the coach) in the delivery room trying to make an overdue pregnant woman deliver her baby.  The other resident doctor tried to push on her tummy while the other two watched the crowning happens.  This was the most underrated time of our lives when the life of two people was at stake, the baby and my wife.  Anything can happen.  While the doctors were doing what they can, here I was left praying and trying to convince myself that God would give us a normal delivery.

For He Himself said, “I will never desert you, nor will I forsake you,”  Hebrews 13:5

God was faithful to us, God did not leave us nor forsake us in the battle. The 17hours waiting was over, at exactly 9:05 in the evening June 5, 2017.  My son was out and about.  I couldn’t cry, I was awake for 20hours already and I was dead tired.  When my wife was being stitched I hurriedly ran to get our baby shown to the people waiting in the lobby for accountability.

I was blessed to show you some of his pictures here.

My heart beats so fast when I hugged him at last.  My spirit lifted to know that God is God all the time.  That God fulfills His promise.  I was reaching out to His love that He was always there to guide and give when you always hit the ground and pray.

In all of this, To God be the Glory!