Rediscovering the “Married Life” after Two Years and Six months.  I learned that married life is difficult yet wonderful.  The marriage alone is difficult but marriage with Jesus is wonderful.  It is difficult to handle marriage if you only depend on your own strength, if you depend on your wife strength or if your wife depends on your strength.


Before, my idea is “You depend on me because I am the leader of the family”.  But I was wrong, it’s not the way it was.  I changed it to, “We depend on God because He knows the way”.  When we clogged our minds with an erroneous logic that the man is the superior header of marriage it would be difficult more to when you live with a previously independent woman who is braver and courageous than you.


Let’s review the basic, the husband is the leader, lover, and provider as for the wife is the helper, encourager, lover, keeper, maker, gardener, sweeper, cleaner, decorator, giver, teacher, singer, dancer and a lot more.  Well, I am not saying to give more responsibility to my wife, but this is what I learned, my son became so well with his attitude at his early age because of my wife.


I humbly admit that I cannot give my whole impatient time while with my son but my wife can.  I get easily tired while keeping my 13month old son with me while reading his books.  I get easily impatient when I pick up the toys he throws down the floor.  But I am not giving up, but I am still work in progress.


So, married life is beautiful.  We rediscover little by little new attitude that we never thought we would have when we were single.  We uncover a deeper meaning of life as a person.  We are continuing our journey to discover more about what life has to bring.  The married life is not over.  We look forward to a more beautiful life after 2 years and more.