I am a huge believer in the simple concept of life that your belief system shapes you.  What you believe in is what the action you take and what actions you take dictates on what happens to you.  Depending on what direction you take will directly impact your future.

Have I not commanded you? Be strong and courageous.  Do not be afraid; do not be discourage, for the LORD your God will be with you wherever you go.” Joshua 1:9

When I was 10 years old I experienced the full foundation of who I am right now.   At 8, I started doing my own small business by selling Iced candy in school.  I wake up every morning to pick up a heavy styro box full of iced candy to school.  During recess, I would have to stand under heat to sell the stuff.   At 10, I started consigning “banana-que” to our school cooperative and sell it during our break time at a higher price.  It did n’t make a difference when I went to high school.  I had a challenging four years doing the same thing again and again.  I juggled high school life with my own definition of ideology, ambitions, and sacrifices and success.

In seeing this, I had much more tolerant to extend my life to a higher level of expectation.  My college life was a reflection of my high school life.  It’s was a discovery of different perspective of the future.  I sacrificed my childhood to help make sure that I have the money for school and I could help my family.

Today, my reasoning has changed.  Why do I really want to be better?   The reason why I want to be better its because I want to know more how much I can to improve myself.  But being better to improve oneself is directly proportional to knowing yourself.   But how do you really know yourself?  Knowing yourself is really knowing where you came from.  This was affected by a lot of experiences and belief system.

When you know who you really are, you will know what you want to be.  When you know what you want to be, you will know what direction you will take.  When you know where you will go this will directly impact the purpose of your existence.

We are all created under the image of God, knowing this truth will demonstrate the fact that we are all made under His likeness. Because we are made under His likeness we are also considered co-heirs of His kingdom.  This is a good news!

In the Bible, the wisest person who was blessed with worldly and godly wisdom is named Solomon.   He was not just wise but he was fabulously wealthy person ever lived during his time.  He has conquered his life until one day he has found himself chasing the wind for his personal satisfaction.   He mentioned that everything is meaningless under the sun and what do people gain from all their labors(Ecc 1:3).  His net worth peak to $2.2 trillion in his ruling.  But, later in his life, he has discovered that even pleasures are meaningless.  How odd it is to know this truth that every accomplishment are just but good for nothing after all when we leave this temporary world.

Now, because I know who I was, I know what I wanted to become.  [I want to be better because I know who I am.] Knowing that I am an heir of the wonderful love of God and towards humanity.  I am the carrier of love for all the people.  I am the sole responsible to be an epitome to other people.  I want to be better because I know whom I am pleasing.

We live only once but once is enough to do everything right.  If you do not make it right you do not make it better.   I guess on my final note, I want to be better because I want to improve.

How about you? Why do you want to be better?  What is your reason you want to be better?