We are fresh bloomed family who have began to embraced the calling of being an intentional parents. Because we are a startup family we wishes to give a modern traditional approach in parenting and marriage that would be suitable to the need of our baby, thus we have created a different strategy to increase our learning in every area.  During our first few months of being parents we have had several pillow talks and special moments that would end up getting annoyed and disappointed due to many misunderstandings.  Because of this, we have created different approach in managing this conflicts.

We are practical parents who live by the modern approach in the city.  My wife has been so organized in keeping things in order so she learned to give me a husband day or a hubby day every week to keep me from doing house chores(though I have an option to chose and do it).   I have an option to go to gym or use my own time in doing my hobbies.

Today, I used my time in spending with this cutie patootie in doing my routine workout at home.

Husbands Day might be celebrated by other countries in different way; and/ or  we might have fathers day every year but we create our own version of liberating daddy do boost his own life outside challenge in his work in the office and raising a challenging family.

Husbands Day will be celebrated always and will be updated along the way.

As a response, I have created a Wifey Day for my wife.